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Spritedow Animator

Spritedow Animator is a simple and standalone alternative to Mecanim to animate sprites frame by frame. · By Elendow


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Update 1.2.0
Added Animation Duration in seconds to the animation API. Added "Reverse Frames" to the frames list. Improved performance of the animations on low FPS games...
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Update 1.1.2
Fixed a bug where the sprites appear dark on projects with linear color space. Improved the synchronization between the Sprite Animation Window and the Sprite...
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Update 1.1.1
Fixed a bug with custom events not triggering on frame 0. Fixed a bug with out of bounds index using time instead of frames on the animator. Fixed a bug where t...
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Update 1.1.0
Fixed a bug with the times of the frames. Now your animations will play FASTER than before, because they were playing SLOWER than desired. Fixed a bug with anim...
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Update 1.0.6
- Added AdaptPivot to the UiImageAnimator - Added AnimationDuration to the SpriteAnimation - Added PlayStartingAtFrame without animation specified - Added PlayS...
Update 1.0.5
- Added Play method with an Animation as parameter to the API. - Improved the editor code. - Minor bugs solved...
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Update 1.0.4
Added Fallback animation to the basic behaviours Added Fallback animation type to the basic behaviours Added SetFallbackAnimation to the API Added RemoveFallbac...
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- Solved a bug with the disable render on finish. - Solved some GC allocation with animators without events...
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Hi everyone! Spritedow has been used in some games and I want to show them to everyone! You've made a game with Spritedo...
started by Elendow Jun 20, 2018
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