Update 1.0.3

  • Fixed some layout errors.
  • Fixed the horizontal panning going backwards.
  • Fixed a false warning showing that the starting frame is out of bounds when the animation only has 1 frame.
  • Removed the "animationName" field from the Animation. The asset name is now the one used.
  •  Added SpriteRenderer to the API.
  • CurrentAnimation returns an empty string if there's no current animation.
  • Improved the animation creation editor, prettier, simpler.
  • Improved the zoom on the animation preview window (now you can zoom to nearest and farthest planes).
  • SpriteAnimation Attribute now refresh correctly without having to select/deselect the animator object.
  • SpriteAnimation Attribute now shows a warning if the animator has no animations.
  • Now the asset created will not be selected on the project view after doing so.

Also, the first 'big' game using Spritedow Animator is being released soon on consoles!

I'm talking about Agatha Knife, dropping on Nintendo Switch on April 26th and on Xbox One on April 27th :)


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Apr 15, 2018

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