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the ball is stuck...

Playing on the browser too sluggish to even try. Thanks for the download version!

is it sad that I played versus pinball by myself?

Yes.I could play with you.


El poder de flippers cancelados está algo roto, y se echa en falta lo de poder ciclar las luces para activar los bonos, pero sigue siendo muy entretenido y el diseño y la música son de lo mejor!

Super fun! The only thing that would make this absolutely perfect is if Pinbattle supported portrait TATE gaming for vertical monitor setups. Would be really cool to see this mirrored-board table in "cabinet mode" where the whole field is displayed as intended instead of side-by-side for widescreen resolutions. If vertical gameplay support is ever added, I would totally want to build a real life arcade machine for this using a super ultrawide monitor, two players on each end.


Really great game! It is in my Top 5 of this week!

Check my video!


Mamma mía el arte de este juego es de otro nivel...


Lo último que me esperaba, bastante original