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Got 113, reminds me a lot of Wolfenstein.

Got 191 now

Realy fun and interesting game.. 52 kills here :)

Fun game, the perspective alone is enough to separate it from the rest of the crowd. The implementation of the theme was a little bland, but the game was just so charming and fun that It wasn't much of a downside.

It would have been nice if only enemies ahead of you should shoot, as often times I felt I was being kills by something I didn't know existed, which felt a little unfair.

Overall, Great game for only 48 Hours!

Psst, a little secret, the enemies behind you have the worst aim ever, they miss almost every shoot :)

Thanks for the kind comment and the feedback!

Wow, not sure if I should be happy or disappointed in myself... :P

Hahaha, it's ok, they can still hit you sometimes!!

Nice game and graphics, reminded me of the wolfenstein 3d game. If you can play my game for a minute i would appreciate it very much.

Nice little game, 128 is my best score for the moment :)