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Sweet game! Ping me if you are interested in publishing your games to other web portals!

Was cute and simple, very well finished!

This game cute and simple and i love it! but do you plan to expand more on the game or?

Catching Sushi- 00:47

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My high score =1105

Maybe add a time players can't wait long periods for the best grabs.

On the (Windows) download version...How do you escape the game? Tried the ESC button, ENTER, Q, but nothing worked. (Maybe add ESC as a way to exit)....I was forced to use CTRL / ALT / Delete


Is it allowed that a game for the Ludum Dare 42 is so cute? :D Not only did I find the little sushis dances super sweet, but especially their reactions when I grabbed them with the gripper arm. <3 Your game really made me smile and I would like to thank you for that. :) So I was happy to recommend it in one of our compilation articles with two other entries and also showed a minute of gameplay in the article's video. Five stars, would eat in the restaurant again! :D

Best wishes,