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Nice game, managed to get 0:55

Mac download is 22 Bytes ???

Wow, yes, it seems that the file got corrupted when uploading, and now I can't get to build for mac anymore, sorry :(

Fantastic game, I love how it feels to move around. My best time is 49 seconds which I'm pretty happy with ^_^


Just remembered this game from a few years ago. decided to go for a wr. got 50 seconds. fastest i could find. 

Good job! The world record is 46 seconds and honestly, I don't know how they made it xD

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Such a great game! I liked the last bit where when you fell down the tall pit, the screen started to zoom out like a movie.

My best is is 8:49


any chance you could release the source code for learning? Cheers!


Hi there,

I would love to, but I'm using commercial plugins for the camera (ProCamera2D) and there for I can't share it. Sorry.

But if you have any questions feel free to ask.


I would like to see how you did the smooth platforming, animations. I don't care for the camera work. Cheers


To that I can answer.

I've basically change the animation using the velocity on the Y axis when jumping. If the velocity is positive, jumping animation, if is negative, falling animation. I'm using my own plugin to change the animations (you can check it here It's pretty simple in fact.

Seems like a fun game, but it runs extremely badly in HTML. It's super choppy and the character keeps slipping off ledges, dropping him into spikes. There's also about a 0.5s input delay which makes this too annoying of a challenge to encourage em to go any further. Good concept though.

Beat it with every room and no checkpoints, fun game.


why do i find this extremely adorable

I really like the look of the character. I beat it in 1:14

Great game, but needs more content.


Completed in 1:21! :D

I think the concept's really clever and fun! Interesting way to increase challenge over time.

This is a really well made game thats fun to play


Really loved the concept and thought it was pretty fun! I didn't expect to die so much though lol guess I'm just bad at platformers or have pretty bad eyesight :P 


I love the idea but the enemies could be faster :D

Great work! Love the art style and movement mechanics are smooth as silk. Keep it up!

Really sweet platformer, I really liked the idea you had for the camera. The jump have a nice feel too !

Super cool, did you draw the graphics for the ludum dare? I love the character animation.



My speed run

Good game

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"Try and beat this"

Sure. 57 seconds. Give me some time, and I can go lower too if you want.

To the dev:

I loved the concept of this game so much! The checkpoints are spaced out perfectly so that it gets slowly and slowly more difficult to see, before bringing to all back. Also, the fact that you put the checkpoints a little out of the way meant that you had to actively worked for them, and also let people challenge themselves by skipping the checkpoints altogether. The discovery mechanic kept you on your toes, and I'll admit that the spike pit by the first checkpoint got me the first time I played through.

My only issue is the long hall and drop at the end. There's no difficulty in it, and all it does is add another 5 or so seconds to your game time. It's actually a little frustrating to encounter when you're speedrunning, because it throws your estimation way off.


damn i only got 58 


Very nice game! I enjoyed a lot. Add more levels, a menu and you will have a great game.

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Hi! My name's Sasha Zenko. I'm from Belarus. 

I am making hardcore letsplay videos handsfree (using only my chin).  

I have a program that allows me to assign keyboard controls to mouse movements.  I have played your game and I think it’s awesome! It's very good. I like it.  

Check out my LetsPlay video: 

Did it in 58 seconds try and beat this


Short, but promising. I can really imagine this game turning out into a fully fleshed out game with several levels you have to conquer. This is the first time I've seen a concept like this and I really enjoyed playing it!


Would love to have a restart button.

A brilliant take on a simple platform game.  The screen zooms out like to fit the screens into the one play area the further you explore. Genius.

Excellent game even if it is too short. We want to finish it and improve its score. Great job!

Amazing... <3 Great job! Beat it under 7 minutes with my first run through. 

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ayyy managed to get 0:59, really fun game with a really good concept. id love to see this crossed with a simplified version of SOTN's progression, combat and puzzles, itd be a really cool game. as it stands currently, its still a really really fun game, do you have plans to continue it after the jam?

Short but awesome game.

Very well done. Loved the tight controls!

nice game balls crusing challege love it 

The classic platform game.  It reminds me of the good old times. The game is simple and too short but I enjoyed playing it. The music is good but too loud for me. Good work! :)

Well, that is one damn cool idea for a platform game. I thoroughly enjoyed it and did a video. Please do more levels as I think the idea of all the rooms shrinking very novel until you hit a restart point. Thanks Devs



Thank you very much for the video and the good words!! 

The game has been very well received, so I probably make more levels and add some new mechanics.

Thanks again :)