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Aight guys let's get the least points instead of the most

21 man

bruh 6 twice in a row

this makes me wanna make a game where this mechanic is played but max score is spent on upgrades that decrease percent per point

ok i dont have a computer but i might make it on scratch

11 :(


23 on my first try!


This is an interesting idea, but it's not really a game... 

25 :( :D

34 bim!


I did the math. Getting 100 points is about 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000003% Likely (feel free to check my math)


You are absolutely right.

(99!)/(100^99) i guess





30 :D

33 let's goooo

19 ):


It's game play at its simplest, but it's so engaging even though all you do is push a button. This is genius!

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Outconsumer (spanish streamer) did some playtime with the game the 4 of feb




i got 101


You sure did :)